Upcoming Shows


The Front Porch: Joy, Pain, Sunshine, Rain

The Living Room Project
1919 Market St. @19th
Oakland, CA 94607

8:00pm: Open Mic for first 8 to sign up
9:00 - 11:00pm (PST)

Featured Performances: Qui510, Quincy Mosby, JenRo, and other special guests.

Hosted by: Tim'm West aka 25percenter of Deep Dickollective (D/DC)

Cost: $5 - $10 sliding scale



The Front Porch: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Parlour on Clark
6341 N. Clark St
Chicago IL 60660

8:00pm: Open Mic for first 8 to sign up
9:00 - 11:00pm (CST)

Featured Performaces by: Tim'm, Tiff Beatty (Spoken Word), Ozara Ode' (Poetry/Vocal), & Ken j. Martin (Acoustic Soul)

Hosted by: Tim'm West

Cost: $10 ($2 of which goes to support TPAN program for people living with HIV/AIDS)


The Front Porch is a monthly multi-genre artistic set that began in December 2004 at Mocha Lounge, DC as an attempt to create an open mic & feature space in the nation's capitol where all kinds of poetry, spoken word, Hip Hop, acoustic, and soul music could be welcomed by people of diverse racial and sexual orientations.

Taking off from his experience growing up with music, stories, and poetry on Front Porches in Arkansas, Tim'm wanted to create a space where people from diverse walks of life could speak about their experience without trepidation of not being a SLAM poet, trying a new song, experimental performance art, erotica, or reading material (from a page) that is personal and/or about spirituality or healing.

There is call and response at the Front Porch — a feeling of a front porch, campfire, or church testimonial resonates with audiences. No judgment, just love. With the help of Vincenzo Cornetto as Creative Consultant, Collette Preston as Asst. Curator, and a host of other artist friends, Tim'm's Monthly Front Porch quickly became the place in DC to see provocative, cutting-edge, independent art without the pretense or cliquishness associated with other area venues.

Initially a 1st Thursdays event at Mocha Lounge, The Front Porch moved to Cafe' Mawonaj in July 2005 when Mocha Lounge closed. In December 2005, Front Porch celebrated its one year Anniversary at DC's Busboys and Poets before being welcomed to its new home, Mocha Hut, where the Front Porch was being held on 1st Fridays until its more recent hiatus.

In December 2008, The Front Porch–DC will celebrate 4 Years. Tim'm has hosted Front Porch events in Oakland (AK Press, The Vibe Lounge), Chicago's Spoken Word Cafe, Brooklyn's Common Ground's Cafe, Furman University, House of IntegriTEA in Atlanta, and at Dallas Southern Pride. Tim'm often tours with selected artists from a vast, diverse and talented pool.To book a Front Porch event at your college or venue, contact thefrontporch@reddirt.biz.

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